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Our Value Proposition

We believe that the success of any cost-effective and sustainable project starts with the true integration of four cornerstones of civil society and sustainable communities, namely social, institutional, financial and physical elements. Furthermore, we provide clients with a complete solution to all facets of a project – based on, amongst others, our intimate understanding of the requirements of governments, local authorities and other stakeholders. Our smarter approach to infrastructure development adds validity and creative value to the services we provide.

Our excellence is underscored by a multitude, of prestigious awards won by the company – awards in categories such as sustainable growth, professional management, business excellence, companies to work for and best-managed companies.

Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy

Justmoh Construction Limited maintains a strong quality, safety and environmental policy which is: “Quality, Safety and Environmental considerations shall be given the highest priority and shall take precedence over matters of design, method of construction or the choice of plant, tools or any other decisions related to financial consideration or matters of convenience”.

The company strives to ensure that all projects are delivered to the highest international accepted quality standards. The company is highly committed to its safety and environmental management objectives pursues best safety and environmental practices in order to reduce environmental and social risks to the barest minimum.